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Our Services

MPS, Inc is a full service Business Processing Outsourcing firm.  We specialize in consumer-based subscription service offerings.  We understand how to make subscription models successful. Our cost effective solutions increase profits, improve reputation and upgrade overall customer experience.

Customer Support

We create and implement all types of customer workflows using a variety of platforms. Our cost effective support solutions deliver excellent customer interactions - every time!

Quality Assurance

We perform independent audits of existing support services. We create evaluation standards. Using those standards we evaluate and rate the quality of customer interactions.

Revenue Enhancement

Our services maximize long term customer value. We use the existing customer base and craft personalized offerings designed to increase revenues and contribute to a positive customer experience.

Content Inspection

We evaluate websites and other marketing collateral to ensure congruency. We inspect all published policies, disclosures and contact information to make sure the information matches current company procedures.

Communication Services Audit

Do you know what you pay for your telephone bill? Have you analyzed how many platform services you pay for? We perform system audits and provide more efficient ways to communicate with customers.

KPI Analysis

Identify metrics that impact customer satisfaction. Develop a method to gather and deliver important metrics, consistently. Communicate important changes in business.

Why Choose Us?

Outsourcing any business process is an important decision. Choosing the right partner to facilitate intricate customer interaction is one of the most important decisions a company can make.

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and Scalable
We offer 24/7 support, SLA adherence, multichannel communication and much much more.
Voice recognition, dynamic IVRs to complex customer flows with multichannel follow up - we do it all.
We have a dedicated account manager to ensure all requests and initiatives are completed.
Our experienced management works hard to exceed industry standards for answer time and first call resolution.

Our Clients

We work with clients of all sizes and stages of business.
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